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Our home decoration services are at the top in the industry, we fully consider the needs of you, 

but you rest assured the use of us. If you have demand recently, please contact us. Also thank you very much for visiting our website, 

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Founded in 1999, Zongheng Household Articles Co.,Ltd. aims to supply the best home decoration items for its customers. Over the past 12 years, Zongheng has become the leader of design and manufacturing in the home decoration field in China. We export to over 4 countries with the main markets in the United States and Europe.  Each year we develop more than 1000 new items for our customers.

The area of workshop of our factory is 6000 square meters, the staff are 500, t we mainly produce frame, wall decoration, shelf, mirror and so on. Especially we have introduce some new craft to our factory, it is MDF product with timber fibre from usd material and mixed with some glue type of formula and then molded in a mold, it can greatly reduce the cost ,strengthen competition of the price by this.

From 1999 until now, Zongheng keep growing fast. Our customers have taken us as a business partner to work together. We are now working harder to bring more product lines with different materials so that our customers can purchase in one stop.

Zongheng’s focus on the latest product trends, its high quality and excellent customer service has enabled us to become the leading exporter in the home decoration field. The entire Zongheng team continually strives to partner with our customers with the best quality and service so that we can grow together for a bright future.

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